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A CRA Moment


A Tool Not Meant for Use!

New Testament writer James, writing about FAITH reminds us of four key targets to aim for!  First, faith must work; it must produce, it must be visible, and verbal faith […]


The Mender of Broken Hearts!

Have you encountered situations in life you didn’t feel prepared to tackle?  Maybe you’ve felt intimidated by expectations or demands of daily living?  If so, you can empathize with Jeremiah.  […]


Like a Flat Tire!

I’m just making what can be called, ‘an educated guess,’ and that guess is, if being completely honest with one another, we will agree how much the impact of a […]


What Was Their Name?

Would you say you are a person who is memorious?  Well!  Let’s see! First, it might help to be sure we even know what the word memorious means, for it […]


“Who has Made Man’s Mouth?”

In the O.T. book of Exodus chapter three, Moses protested when God told him what He wanted him to say to Pharoah.  Moses came back with, “O Lord, I’m not […]


I’m Just Guessing!

Guessing what? Guessing that it’s probably been a while since you have read through the thirty-six chapters of the Old Testament book of Numbers! While the description found in some […]


You’ll Never Know Until…

… “when they call on Me, I will answer; I will be with them in trouble. I will rescue and honor them” (Psalm 91:15). Do you feel living in faith […]


Sound Familiar?  It Should!

Did you read of the warning about to come to this capital city?  People were warned ahead of time as to all the destruction that was coming, and the results […]


Watch Out “For the Little Foxes!”

I Kings 4:30 records “Solomon’s wisdom surpassed the wisdom of all the people of the east and all the wisdom of Egypt” and credited with writing the book of Song […]


And that’s Wisdom!

Proverbs 4 is power-packed with words of wisdom!  Words in the 27 verses such as “pay attention, don’t turn away, follow my commands, get wisdom, develop good judgment, whatever else […]

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