A Post-Father’s Day Look!

Father’s Day 2019 has now come and gone with only memories etched into the minds and thoughts of father’s, as well as moms, sons and daughters. No doubt to some, even the mention of Father’s Day summon one of two types of thoughts and reflection’s as to the commemoration of the day. No doubt to some, Father’s Day ’19 was a day of great tribute, joy, exciting plans, laid out over past weeks as to what kind, size, style, of a present could best be given as a display of a son or daughter’s love and affection for dad. While for others, Father’s Day may have come and gone without even a brief thought or mention of a dad figure…rather, a day endured from morning to night until the day passed, and then a sense of relief of not having to think of Father’s Day for 365 days!

As I have written on occasion before, my personal recollection of a ‘dad figure’ was close to nonexistent. That for the reason that ‘dad’s’ words to my mother was, “either abort the kid (it didn’t matter if male or female) or I’m out of here!” Since I am typing this CRA Moment, you know my mother’s response! “Have a nice trip!”

Thankfully, for my own peace of mind, later in life I was able to forgive my dad for leaving mother and me as he did. By the time I came to the understanding of my own personal need to forgive, ‘dad’ had died. However, forgiving was what I needed to do in order to move forward in my own life free from anger and bitterness. Too late for dad, however, not too late for me!

As the Bible points out in Romans 3:10, 11b & 12 (PASSION VERSION) “There is no one who always does what is right, no, not even one!” “And there is no one who seeks after God alone. All have deliberately wandered from God’s ways. All have become depraved and unfit.” Verse 23, “For we all have sinned and are in need of the glory of God.” Simply put that means all dads as well as all sons and daughters fit into that picture! The Bible helps us to see how it is that those of us who fit into those Bible truths are to respond to similar issues we may face. The Bible plainly points out in Mt. 18:35 the proper response to have as well as to exactly why! “My Heavenly Father will deal with any of you if you do not release forgiveness from your heart toward your fellow believer.”

Perhaps this will help, as you read Jim Murphy’s story (a CRA Board Member for many years) and a giant in the world of nostalgia drag racing. After years of racing drag-boats, beginning in the early ‘60’s, Jim moved from racing the liquid quarter mile track to the hard-surface pavement. Today Jim’s accomplishments have led him to holding the record that still stands of being four-time World Champion with the Vintage Racing Assoc. Along with this acclaim, Jim is President of Jim Murphy & Associates, building multi-million dollar homes for those in such a high-income bracket. However, with all of these accolades, Jim was struggling in life, fighting anger issues toward his dad. To leave the bulk of his story (which can be read by ordering CRA’s Gospel tracts at CRA Ministries, Int’l) return with me to his life with dad. Jim wrote, “I realized a lifetime of anger was close to destroying that which I loved most dearly.” Later learning his dad was in the hospital; Jim laid his anger and pride aside and went to stand beside his dad’s bedside. Jim wrote, “When I entered his room, suddenly, for the first time, I saw him through the eyes of the Lord, and my heart went out to him. Clasping his hand I spent 45 minutes pouring out my heart. ‘I forgive you for the things you have done to me, I love you, can you forgive me for my anger I’ve had toward you?’ My father acknowledged those words by squeezing my hand. I’m so thankful I listened to the Lord that day. About one hour after my visit, I received a call that my father had died. If I had not been obedient to the Lord that day, I would have carried that anger and those feelings to the grave.”

As Jim so wonderfully counsels us, “If anger or un-forgiveness has a hold on you, talk to God about it. Forgiveness will set you free. I know because of the peace and joy of Jesus that now, fills my own heart. God restores, and He always wins. Don’t ever give up!” (Jim Murphy, Nostalgia, Top Fuel…WW2)

Blessings, Psalm 20:7 Dale & Jeannie