“Be Prepared & Get Yourself Ready!”

December 7, 2020 has now passed, however, few have forgotten, or not ready of all that took place on the infamous day of December 7, 1941.  As for me, in one part of my memory bank…I recall being held by my grandmother as she rocked me in her favorite rocking chain.  While at the time I did not understand the words of the radio announcer, however I learned in later years the radio had been tuned to the Brooklyn Dodgers ball game, as well as going –back-and-forth with a station music playing music from the “Glen Miller’s” orchestra. It was then a “radio-announcement” interrupted all broadcasting warning that all lights in homes, all streetlights and business lights, be turned off!  Window blinds were to be drawn…with a “total black out” compulsory.

Early that Sunday morning, Japan had carefully planned an attack as anchored ships in the harbor were not fully manned and U.S. aircraft were lined up on the airfields, making them more vulnerable to attack.  When an Army private noticed the large flight of planes on a radar screen, his superiors instructed him to ignore them because the base was expecting a shipment of B-17’s.  The raid from the Japanese planes severely crippled the Pacific Fleet battleships, destroyed around 200 hundred aircraft, left more than 3,000 dead and pushed America into WWII! The unpreparedness of the military sparked criticism from the public, and yet investigations have shown that while officials had known that an attack by Japan was a possibility, they had no way of knowing the time or location of where an attack might be.

Today, there is another-huge-for real attack that has not only been planned, but is actually taking place while many are being distracted by everything from shut-down of restaurant dining inside; large gatherings being ‘against the law,’ to many other ‘fear-tactics’ launched against the public.  What, exactly is the “another-huge-for real” attack greater than rules and regulations from many mayors and governors today?

The Bible warns the devil’s attacks against believers are also carefully planned and will come our way without warning!  To begin with, he watches how you and I have responded to attacks of “successful” temptations in the past, you can be sure he will attack again in similar fashion, and without warning.  He knows our weak areas, and that is where he concentrates his barrage of temptations.  He hears the words we speak…whether positive or negative…knowing when and where we are vulnerable.  He knows when you’re discouraged; feeling sorrow for yourself, or other trials of life you may be going through.  As you are reading this CRA Moment you may be saying, “Not me!  Not now!  I’m feeling on top of the world!  I just received news that’s like an early Christmas present that I’ve wanted.  Strangely, many of us have learned that all are most often vulnerable after experiencing a spiritual victory!

Ezekiel, 38:7 warns, “Be prepared and get yourself ready!”  In other words, be on guard.  The devil never passes up an opportunity to attack.  All the past spiritual training, sermons heard or watched, or other positive people you’ve been around will not do any good unless you’re prepared to put the spiritual training you’ve received into full and ready operation.

The armor of God Paul the Apostle talks about in Ephesians 6 will be useless unless or until we put it on!  God has provided everything we need for victory, however, our job is to expect and be ready for attacks in whatever shape or form they may come…because you can be assured of it…they will come!

It’s not a matter of if…but when…, if even now…, or where!  Take the advice of the word of the Lord that came to Ezekiel penned, to “Be prepared and get yourself ready!”

Blessings, Psalm 20:7 Dale & Jeannie