CRA Hot Rod Camps 2020

CRA Hot Rod Camps 2020

time 8:00 am

June 6, 2020


June 13, 2020


The ‘Vision’ that is carried throughout each camp is simply this… ‘Building Cars – Changing Lives!’  For one week each year, young men come together with seasoned and experienced street rod builders and CRA Leader/Builders to participate in assembling a street rod from the ground up.  While every successful street rod built needs to start with a good solid ‘foundation’…these young men learn that likewise their lives need to have the right ‘foundation’ of JESUS to be successful and effective in life.

This 1935 Ford Pick-Up is the finished project of the 2019 CRA Hot Rod Camp.  While this street rod is built with some of the finiest aftermarket parts in the industry, the best part of the camps are the ‘Life Changing’ opportunities the CRA builder/leaders have as they spend a week with these young guys, sharing the truth of Jesus Christ with them.

If you are interested in sending a young man to our 2020 camp (June 2020), please contact the CRA office at (623) 925-1121 or Camp Director, Dan Jeffries at (304) 638-8567 for more info on exact dates and times. The cost to send a teenage boy to a camp is just $400 and that provides them with a place to lodge, three meals a day, being part of the team in assembling the vehicle, new relationships, ‘Shop Talk’, and an encounter with Jesus Christ that they will not forget.

Dan & Pam Jeffries
CRA Hot Rod Camps, Int’l, Director • 304.638.8567 •

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