Dale Daly

R. Dale Daly, ‘Dale’ has had quite a “flavorful life”.  Born in Kansas, graduated high school in Texas and then moved to California. He had a few jobs before being blessed with landing a job with SOHIO-Standard Oil of Ohio.  This was a quick promotion job and he became one of four Regional Managers for Standard Oil Company!  In this position, he serviced the 14 Western States including Hawaii and Alaska.  Financially you might say Dale was ‘living the good life’ traveling, unlimited expense accounts….UNTIL God called him in to the ministry.  Dale felt so strong with the call of God, he resigned his Regional Manager position with SOHIO and began attending Bible College…later relocating his family to San Jose, CA.  Soon to follow, Dale was asked by Pastor Gerald Fry from Calvary Community Church to come on staff as the Administrative Pastor, and there he stayed as the church flourished in super-natural ways during the 13+ years he was present.  Dale says, “it was an experience few get the honor and privilege to be part of.” “To be at the heart of revival as well being in the midst of God’s Glory is nothing short of miraculous.” “The exponential growth and growth within my own position was staggering.” “I give God ALL the glory!”

Dale has always had a love of boats and speed.  On numerous weekends, he would find himself at Motorsport events, either as a participant or spectator.  This led to an opening to ministry within the realm of Motorsports itself, and this is where and how CRA Ministries, Int’l was originally birthed. 

Dale and Jeannie have pioneered churches, pastored churches, been on the road doing evangelistic work in the world of motorsports, as well as conducting and ministering in Victory Conferences for years.  Dale’s passion and deep love is ‘The Word of God’ and sharing that abundant, life changing Word with others. 

Together Dale and Jeannie have three sons, one daughter, and eight amazing & gifted grandchildren. He rejoices in that three of his oldest grandchildren to date are in ministry!  He attributes all of his gifts and blessings to the Lord saying he is … ‘One Blessed Man – All Because He Said Yes to The Son of Man!’