If You Ever Needed…It’s Now!

“If you ever needed the Lord before, you sure do need Him now!” Those are words of a song sung on a Gaither Gospel Series CD. If you’ve ever broken down on the road, one of the first things you’ve probably prayed was, ‘If I ever needed You before, I sure do need You now. The second thing you no doubt realized was, If I ever needed a tow truck before, I sure do need one now. As I read the headlines on various news sites, it’s not difficult to see how true those words are. “If you (and I) ever needed the Lord before, (we) you sure do need Him now!”

Across the U.S., the headlines contain real-life stories of killing’s; rapes; robberies; suicide, and even a husband and wife who took their lives because their family pet had died! Pornography taking over the minds of men, women, and even the young; news of bombings; warning’s from the State Department alerting folks to be leery of travel to many places in the world, and especially across the border into Mexico. How about Switzerland? If you have never been there, you have missed seeing incredible beauty that is difficult to put in to words. Yet, we read tourists are alerted to not just take its beauty for granted, however, to be cautious in cities such as Lucerne and Geneva. And here in America we’ve all become aware of shootings in recent days taking place in major main-line churches.

I remember the words of caution from my caring mother who said as I was about to walk out the door. . . “It’s Saturday night . . . it’s the devil’s night out.” While mom was right, I believe she was a little wrong because it was more like the devil was probably ‘home in bed’ resting up so he can be fresh for the next day. After all, why would he want to be out on ‘Saturday’ night and fight his own crowd when many of those folks already belonged to him!

There is a war taking place for men, women, boys, and girls…mankind as a whole! The battle is not one that can be fought by the strong-arm of flesh; but this battle is a spiritual battle! The heartbreak, the heartache, the suffering, the tragedies of life are the work of the devil in the background. He is the cause of the great problems that are in the world today. Therein stands the truth that “If you ever needed the Lord before . . . you sure do need Him now!”

It is critical to understand that you cannot overcome the devil in your own strength or in your own power. Why? The Word says, “For we are not fighting against people made of flesh and blood, but against persons without bodies—the evil rulers of the unseen world, those mighty satanic beings and great evil princes of darkness who rule this world…..” It’s like fighting sludge in your engine! It may not be seen, however it’s there! The way to victory is to obey the command to “put on the whole armor of God.”

In battle times of Bible history, the shield covered all of the armor of a warrior. That shield was large . . . the size almost that of a door, and it was protection as a soldier stood behind it for protection. For us, the only shield effective enough to stand behind is the One who’s Name is Jesus. Ephesians 6 speaks of the “fiery darts of the wicked one” that come fast and furiously. The only thing that will knock down those fiery darts down is “the shield of faith.” Don’t believe what a theology professor said that, “Faith IS a leap into the dark.” I suggest, if you’re leaping into the dark . . . don’t leap! God wants you to leap into the light where He offers a solid foundation, sure, and secure!

Begin by praying this prayer with me. Dear God, I confess I have been afraid of the obstacles I am facing today. But Lord, You are greater, and I choose to trust You. Thank You for never leaving me. I face this day with confidence because Your Word IS truth. In Jesus’s name, amen!

Blessings, Psalm 20:7 Dale & Jeannie