Obedience in the Wilderness!

This morning I was reading in Psalm 95 as verses 8 & 9, gives strong warning to all for the day we are living in. It urges, “Drop everything else and listen to his voice! For this is what he’s saying: ‘Today, when I speak don’t even think about turning a deaf ear to me like they did when they tested me at Meribah and Massah, the place where they argued with me, their Creator. Your ancestors challenged me over and over, with their complaining even though I had convinced them of my power and love. They still doubted my care for them.’” At these two locations, the Israelites squabbled with Moses about the lack of water, and its bitterness. God commanded Moses to “speak to the rock” and it would produce water, however, Moses, out of anger and frustration with the Israelites took matters into his own hands and doing things his way! Rather than obeying by speaking to the rock as told to do, he “struck the rock with his rod!”

There is one word that sums up the actions of Moses, and that word is obedience! Obedience even when we don’t understand! I remind you that Judas heard every sermon Jesus preached, yet Judas was not obedient. Keith Meyer in “Whole Life Transformation” wrote, “Certainly God can and will forgive our sin. But He will not force us to have power over sin and thereby enjoy obedience.” John Calvin in his Bible Commentary wrote: “We cannot rely on God’s promises without obeying his commandments.”

Right now reading this CRA Moment you may be feeling the more obedient you are to following God, the more adversity you are having. God has a reason behind everything He allows, and everything He does! Everything! Even when there are delays we see, everything He does and allows is for a reason. Remember Pharaoh blowing Moses off after being sent to let God’s people go? Do you think God didn’t know that would happen even before Moses got up that morning to brush his teeth? Of course He did! In addition, God knew that by way of Pharaoh’s lack of action it would end up becoming a lasting reminder of God’s miracle-working power for generations to come.

Let me give a very personal and practical example. As I type these words, Jeannie’s brother lies for his 18th day in an ICU unit in an Oregon hospital with the evil invasion into his physical body that is running rampant in this land as well as the world! With two types of pneumonia in his lungs; and now, six-days ago being placed on a ventilator, as well as an ‘evil’ drip system which is a basic move made to make a person essentially comatose – unable to move around. It’s supposedly designed to enable a person not to move, causing no issue for the hospital staff. Two days ago he was given 1 day – 2 days at most to live (how would they know that?) Then for the first time in two-weeks, they allowed his wife and one son to be with him to “share their verbal love for him.”

All this EXCEPT FOR GOD and the continual prayers of the family and Spirit-filled prayer warriors/intercessors of family and friends. After 2:30 that next day, his heart rate was stable, while his lungs remain in very serious condition, and they cut back a little on the “drip system.” Jesus is in to life, while the powers of darkness are in to death! Our position is TO BE POSITIONED AND IN ALIGNMENT TO GOD AND WITH THE WORD OF GOD … to be obedient to God’s Word and as Lamentations 2:19 reads, “Rise during the night and cry out. Pour out your heart like water to the Lord.” We continue to ‘stand our spiritual ground for Steve’ and we encourage you to do the same in your desperate situation. Jesus Reversed ‘the curse’ at the Cross and I encourage us ALL to step in to HIS directives – thereby claiming and standing in the Victory Jesus has already provided for those who believe in Him.

Revelation 3:20 are familiar words! No doubt, what first comes to mind when you read His words are the invitation of accepting Him as Lord and Savior of your life. Those who have been around the church any length of time have heard these words repeated repeatedly as words for a person not to pass up! “Here I am! I stand at the door. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with Me.” Many enter a relationship with Jesus that provides for us salvation, however, what God truly desires is for us to experience what Jesus said about the Gospel of the Kingdom. That Gospel is for us to experience every day His power and presence in our lives, and to see His hand of mercy, grace, and miracles at work in our lives! This only happens when we give Him the key to our life; it is then that He becomes the Honored Guest, the Captain and navigator of our life!

Blessings, Psalm 20:7 Dale & Jeannie