Opportunity Today…Sadly Recognized Tomorrow!

One time several men were riding through the desert, when suddenly they heard…as if a heavenly voice, say, “Stop riding”.  The men immediately stopped and the voice continued saying, “Get off your rides” and so the men did. Then the voice said, “Gather up a handful of sand and hold it for the remainder of your journey”.  Once again, the men did as this ‘supernatural’ voice told them to do.

It’s not difficult to picture in your mind how difficult the remainder of their trip was to get to their destination.  After arriving, they opened their hand to find that the sand they had been holding had turned into jewels! Needless to say they were overjoyed, yet at the same time saddened, realizing the opportunity they had passed up by not getting two handfuls of dirt when they had the chance. 

Sadly, we too often miss being part of the opportunities that are before us.  Consider with me the “Daly” version of the words of Mordecai from the 4th chapter of Esther to his young and beautiful cousin, Hadassah, who was also called Esther. When her father and mother died, Mordecai adopted Hadassah into his family and then raised her as if she were his own daughter.  Later in Esther’s life, her story tells of her becoming Queen under the reign of King Xerxes. Not long after, enters an evil man named Haman into the story who approached Xerxes saying, there is a race of people who keep themselves separate from everyone else, refusing to obey the laws. Issue a decree that they will not only be locked up in their homes, but be destroyed, and I will give 10,000 large sacks of silver to the government. WOW! Does this not all sound like something today?

It was at this time Mordecai sent a message to Esther saying, “Don’t think for a moment that because you’re in the palace you will escape when all other Jews are killed.  If you keep quiet at a time like this, deliverance and relief for the Jews will arise from some other place, but you and your relatives will die.  Who knows if perhaps you were made Queen for just such a time as this? [Esther 4:13-14]

Opportunity is too often something you missed today, but won’t recognize until tomorrow!  Therefore, today is the day to share with others that Jesus is alive!  There is someone this very moment that needs to hear that God has everything under control from viruses, to nations, to governments, already worked out for them.  In fact…He’s got the whole wide world in His hands, and like those riding through the desert in the earlier story…His hands are filled with jewels of good and promises promised for all who will listen to that “heavenly voice”, and stop to pick them up and follow through!

Blessings, Psalm 20:7 Dale & Jeannie

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