Those We Know that No One Else Knows!

know_youNo matter where we may go, we all run in to people we know! How is that possible? In a world the size we live in, how can it be to come across someone across the United States that we know from ‘back’ home?

Acquaintances taking another trip! Another cruise! Another adventure! Those who work 24/7 to amass fortunes of earthly value…all to be eventually left behind in whatever way. Those who build castles in the sand, that in time, pass on to the state, or to a specific individual, that more likely than not, allows all or most to slip right through their fingers. Gone like that sand castle build on the seashore.

While now passed for this year of 2019, January 27 is remembered as the “International Holocaust Remembrance Day.” This date recalls the tragedy of the Holocaust that occurred during the II World War, and memorializes the massacre and extermination of the death of 6 million Jews and 11 million others, by the Nazi regime and its associates. As we reflect back we clearly see what they themselves had no idea was about to befall them. They lived much the same as many today, and that is, thinking that life, and stuff, will always remain the same as it is this very moment.

As I was reading the words of the Psalmist David, penned in Psalm 19:9-10, they caused me to reflect on what it is in this world that is of true and lasting value! The portion of Psalm 19 reads; “The fear of the Lord is pure, enduring forever. The decrees of the Lord are firm, and all of them are righteous. They are more precious than gold, than much pure gold; they are sweeter than honey, than honey from the honeycomb.”

The true treasure in life is not what most people think it is; the most valuable treasure of all is God and His Word! One individual said, “What a shock and agony it will be for some when they take that first step into the beyond. How horrified they will be! For pieces of metal and paper money, for those I have sacrificed my life?” Are we putting our time and effort into amassing “true wealth” as David encouraged, getting closer to the things of the Lord, or are we chasing other things that fade away? Here’s a question to consider. Am I doing my maximum in sharing the Gospel with the ‘pulpit’ of people I know? After all, there are those that you and I know that no one else knows! Let’s reach out to them!

If you feel you cannot personally share with that someone, perhaps you would consider this suggestion. The CRA Moment has been written for the past 20+ years! Written each week, 52 weeks a year for the entire 20+ years! Pastors have called asking permission to use all or parts of the “Moment” as part of their sermons and/or men’s studies. Business owners have called, requesting permission to send the “Moment” out, tucked in their monthly billing to their customers. Others call asking permission to copy the “Moment” to send to friends, or to a specific person who might benefit from a particular weeks writing. NO request has ever been turned away!

The Bible says that God’s Word is “more precious than gold…sweeter than honey…honey from the honeycomb!” Thank you for helping CRA to promote the Good News to untold numbers of individuals around the globe! “Those we Know, that No One Else Knows!”

Blessings, Psalm 20:7 Dale & Jeannie