True Freedom!


On this July 4th 2019 there are so many things that could be written or spoken of regarding this day, remembering and embracing the independence we enjoy.  At the top of the list, we have the freedom to say, “In God we can trust!”  However, is that honestly and completely a true statement for most Americans?  Being truthful, I feel we would end up saying that sadly is not the truth.  For far too many, God is not the first thought that crosses a person’s mind, as many things have become a god to many Americans.

Give them a new car, a boat, an RV, a new home, not just one, but several color TV’s spread throughout the house, and then an income that provides for even more things than needed, and most want to convince themselves that they will then be happy and content.  Add all of this to a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks when as an American worker, you don’t have to show up for work, then…maybe just then…he or she will be happy.

For what seems to be a limited few…you might hear them say how good God is to have provided them with all these things and even more not mentioned…while busy hooking up the camper, or attaching the boat trailer to the back of their new SUV or 4-door extended cab with a V8 or Hemi powered engine.  All the while moving further and further from time spent with ‘The One’ who has blessed them in order that they can have all the luxuries they do.  Yes! We in America have freedom…the freedom to choose…to choose to obey or the freedom to disobey!

Isaiah 1:19 reads, “If you will only obey me, you will have plenty to eat.  However, if you turn away and refuse to listen, you will be devoured by the sword of your enemies. I, the Lord, have spoken.”  Today we have some churches where what is being ‘preached from the pulpit’ is not popular nor what those in attendance want to hear.  One pastor said, “The reason our church is so unpopular is that he is telling the people things they didn’t want to hear.”  For example, he said, “he told people that they had to obey God and that they couldn’t just do whatever they felt like doing.”  Many people today don’t want to be told that they can’t do whatever they want!  The idea that “anything goes” is popular today with little or no thought given that we are connected to a greater power than ourselves is not well accepted.  Such a ‘strange and foreign’ idea that God’s will comes before our own “freedom” is a hard-pill to swallow!

The truth is, when we put our own often selfish, fantasies, and personal ideas first, while excluding God in the equation means we set ourselves up for bondage rather than freedom.  When we are obedient to His direction, we ultimately gain.  If we want to experience and have the good things God has to offer, it requires being willing to submit our will to His will.  The more we put aside our own egos, the more we will benefit from His blessings! 

Why would we ever think that we know better than our Creator what brings us freedom?  Why should we live life as though we know better than He does about how we should live and what we should do?  It’s pretty apparent that the One who made us knows what is best for us for His words of John 8:36 read, “If the Son sets you free from sin, then become a true son and be unquestionably free!”  How about it?  “Do you love and desire true freedom?”

Blessings, Psalm 20:7 Dale & Jeannie

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