Faithful Person?

What Does a Faithful Person Look Like?

As I was preparing to write this week’s CRA Moment, I had moments before read a statement from Andrew Wommack regarding a verse in Proverbs 20:6.  The verse was immediately quickened to my spirit.  Perhaps, you as well will be enlightened and find his words to be helpful, especially if you are or have been facing a similar situation.  The verse spoken of reads like this in the KJV.  “Most men will proclaim every one his own goodness: but a faithful man who can find?”

This verse speaks so direct to the present day attitude of a great number of individuals I find it valuable to quote four other translations of this same verse. The AMP version reads, “Many a man proclaims his own loyalty and goodness, but who can fnd a faithful and trustworthy man?”  From the Easy to Read version; “You might call many people your ‘friends’, but it is hard to find someone who can really be trusted,” while the Good News version states, “Everyone talks about how loyal and faithful he is, but just try to find someone who really is!” And the New Revised Bible reads, “Many proclaim themselves loyal, but who can find one worthy of trust.”

Andrew Wommack writes this about Proverbs 20:6.  “This verse is showing us insight into what a faithful person is like.  Faithful people don’t promote themselves but will promote those who sent them.  In John 7:18, Jesus said that a faithful witness will not seek their own glory, but they will seek the glory of the person who sent them.  If we have people patterning after us and we want them to represent us, we should determine if they are self-promoting.  Are they always in it for themselves, or have they gotten over themselves and will represent us correctly?  This is a great proverb that we can use in our business (or ministry) to help define who we should promote and give responsibility to.”

What does a faithful person look like?  Consider these areas.  It should not be necessary to tell about your job performance…let a promotion tell it.  It’s not necessary for you to brag about your great marriage; rather, let your spouse tell others how great it is.  Refrain from telling about your personal holiness; however let your fruit prove it.  Don’t be telling others how much you can be trusted, demonstrate by your life that trust.  Don’t tell how much you fear and love God; let your changed life and the testimony prove it to others.  Measure yourself by action, performance, consistency, and let the results show it to others.

Solomon admitted that he was like a little child in understanding, and he needed God’s help guiding people under him.  Paul, the greatest of the apostles admitted he was less than the least of all.  And where was the humility of the man called Agur?  As the author of Proverbs chapter 30, he admitted his ignorance of many things.  These three great men did not praise themselves; we praise them for they were what a faithful person looks like.

Blessings, Psalm 20:7 Dale & Jeannie