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Letters & Stories

THIS is True Love! Aug. 9, 2018

Very well stated my friend!  God’s Grace is sufficient!   Dan, OH

Dan, isn’t it so wonderful to know God’s Word which says in the second part of Romans 8:31,“If God is for us, who can be against us?” And, that He loved us with an ‘EVERLASTING Love’!  Blessed, we all are! D&J

Hope, Hope & Hope Again! Aug. 2, 2018

Perfect!!!  I will give this to a bunch of people who need to realize HOPE and HOPE again!!!!

And yep, us too!!!   Bobbie, CA

Psalm 119:116 reads, “Sustain me, my God, according to Your promise, and I will live; do not let my hopes be dashed.”  When it comes to times when your hope is being tossed in every direction, it’s then time to hope again and again if necessary.  Why place your hope in the Lord once, twice…?  Because we need to strengthen our heart so that we can hope again and again when it’s necessary, particularly when our first ‘hope’ is being challenged by what we see with our eyes.  Such great promise! Stay encouraged … stay strong!  Blessings, D&J

Please! Don’t Delay!  July 20, 2018

That’s what I love about you and Jeannie, always the Evangelists!  

God in His Infinite Wisdom and love for us will use this tragedy for His Glory!

God seems to be revealing His Heart as to how He wants me to use my life experiences to draw people to Him.  I am amazed at how He has completely changed the path that I thought I was being led down concerning my talents and business direction. I have been in a holding pattern that I didn’t understand in the beginning but as I pray and wait, He is slowly opening my eyes to the direction I am to take and I don’t want to miss it! 

It seems as though I have been here before but not to this degree.

I am learning that as He calls me deeper that it is His way of stretching my faith and leading me into a new and different chapter of my life and am equally as glad that He doesn’t lose patience with me as I press in to understand what He is doing in me.  Bob, FL

For those reading this even now…Jeannie and I urge you with all love from our hearts saying; “Please! Don’t Delay!”  If you do not know if you were to draw your last breath by the time you finish reading this writing, that you would be with the Lord in eternity; then pray a prayer of salvation this very moment.  It is really quite simple!  “Lord Jesus! I confess I am a sinner and in need of Your forgiveness!  Please forgive me of my sins, and come into my heart this very minute!  Thank You, Lord, for hearing, receiving, and accepting my prayer!  In Jesus Name!  Amen!”  Blessings as you pursue the heart of God! D&J

Don’t Miss What is Taking Place Today! Oct. 11, 2018

Such great truths…Always enjoy your CRA Moments!  Marsha, AZ     

Thank you friend!  How awesome it is to be blessed by God with His Word and these tremendous truths.  All we have to do is adhere to them, right?!  Many blessings to you and Dick … D&J

Appreciate What You Have! 

February 21, 2018

Hi Dale, This reminds me that I had to lose everything I thought was important to me so God could teach how blessed I am, while I still have time to show Him how grateful and blessed I am.  I trust Him unshakably! Thanks for the reminder!  Wally, ID

Wally, you have some extremely ‘key’ words within your short paragraph.  “I thought was important to me.”  “I trust Him unshakably!”  Powerful Wally, and while God doesn’t cause us to lose anything – He will allow us to make choices, and/or walk in ways that He knows will result in things being shaken …. BECAUSE He knows our heart.  The Ultimate Outcome?  To “Trust Him Unshakably!”  Thanks for sharing my friend, D&J

God’s Word promises us so many blessings each and every day.  We give thanks each day for good health, love and joy in our lives and a loving family.  We are truly blessed.  He is always there for our asking.  Blessings and love to you all (CRA), Sheila & Tom, CO

Tom & Sheila, God’s Promises are Yes and Amen!  What He says, He means. What He says, He will do!  We just have to make sure and read ‘The entire meaning of His Words’ and not pick the frosting out of the center and expect to get the entire cookie!  Hugs to you both, D&J


“I didn’t know you were doing this! I JUST LOVE IT!  This is just awesome. I really liked the movie the Titanic, so combining this with Bible examples was great,” were the words on the other end of the phone not long ago. This caller had just seen the Facebook Video ‘Author of Your Book’ Devotional Video dated 8_24_18. Christina, CA

Thank you, Christina, for your excitement and strong encouraging words in continuing with these type of video devotionals. We value those words to ‘continue on’! Our love to you, D&J

God did have a plan that day we met, (with the fender bender) didn’t He!  I am glad I met you two as with a lot of todays churches growing, one gets lost in the crowd. It is very nice to have a Pastor one can talk to and get advice from. Bill, FL

My goodness Bill, who would have known?!  A ‘real’ God encounter.  It always pays to pay attention in all situations – you never know what door just might be opened to create a friendship for life!!! D&J

‘Unworthy!  Defeated!  Overwhelmed!’

Dear Dale and Jeannie,

Thanks, I needed to hear about the little apple tree. Each day seems like I am overwhelmed, always trying to catch up. But the aftermath of the storms of Harvey and Irma that struck our country has shown me God is in control. No matter what comes He will never leave us nor forsake us. That brings stability to everyday life. 

Floyd, California

Floyd, you are so right, such a great promise from God which is provided for those who trust in Him, as well as the stability they need to march on! Merry Christmas and we will see you in AZ soon! D&J

‘So You Would Know!” 

Dale & Jeannie, 

I’m glad that He continues to remind us because as long as I’ve been walking with Him, I still need to hear it as I think most of us do! I truly think He loves reminding us!  Love you guys!

Bob, Florida

Bob, we agree in thinking God takes delight in reminding us!  Truly ‘HE IS’ amazing!  Merry Christmas to you and Nancy! D&J

‘This Will Preach! And it Did!’


Thanks so much for your weekly message.  I hope you will continue to send this email when you get relocated in AZ. A pleasure to have a friend from Wichita . A pleasure to know you and Jeannie. 

Myron, Texas

Myron, you are very welcome, and yes…the weekly messages will continue on. Thanks for writing!  Have a very blessed Christmas! D&J

Dale & Jeannie,

I don’t know if you remember me, but my husband Lon & I met you at the Heartland Nationals in Des Moines many years ago.  Visiting with you both each year & attending the Sunday church services got both of us back to looking for a home church.  We really missed not having you in Des Moines!  The last year you were in Des Moines, you told about what it would cost for one student to attend a camp. Lon had just got some back pay from the VA so we wanted to help.

You prayed with us many times in Des Moines, for Lon & his ongoing health issues and our children, and me.  I am sorry we did not keep in touch with you. Now that I finally found how to reach you. I need to tell you that we lost Lon April 19th to a massive stroke. They called it a brain bleed, he was gone within 24 hours. Our son & I have been working on that great 3 stall Lon & I built. Our daughter is still on the double lung transplant pre- plan phase as she will need it and needs prayer.

Sorry to take so much time. God’s love be with you both!

Kathye, Iowa

Kathye, how wonderful to hear from you and hear how the ministry encouraged you and Lon to find a Bible believing church to get involved in. Those stories encourage our hearts! 

We are so sorry to hear about Lon’s passing Kathye and are trusting that the loving arms of Jesus are bringing peace, courage and strength as you take another new step each day!  In addition, we are lifting your daughter before our Heavenly Father asking for that lung healing she is desperately needing! Blessings and Merry Christmas! D&J

‘A Solemn Reminder!’

Dale, Thanks for the good word today!  Hugs to you from Santa Rosa!

Maryann, California

Maryann, thanks for writing…it is our pleasure to keep the Word of God active and in front of people.  We receive those hugs!  Thank you and Jon for what you are doing within your community that was devastated by the fires.  What a blessing you have been to countless lives! Our prayers have certainly been with you all.  We love you both, D&J