About CRA Ministries

CRA MINISTRIES, INT’L … by God’s hand and throughout the course of its life, has evolved; and continues to have great favor and influence while changing lives for the Kingdom of God. CRA is an Evangelistic Ministry Outreach and is therefore, funded that way.​

(Dan & Pam Jeffries, Director)
In its 13th year & 17th camp for young guys 16-19 years of age, has proven to be extremely successful in the lives of many, many young guys and the CRA Builder/Leaders as well! No stone is left unturned in a young guy’s life who attends. They leave with fresh vision and renewed hope in their life. Many individuals have been instrumental in sending a young guy to CRA Hot Rod Camp, or donating scholarship money, ‘Thank you for your part in making an eternal difference in their life!’

(Buck & Theresa Evrist, Directors)
CRA’s prayer ministry, the CRA War Room is HEAVILY utilized and CRA is witnessing SO many answered prayers and praise reports. Additionally, Dale and Jeannie spend numerous amounts of time in personal ministry with people … praying … encouraging … counseling. It is humbling what people will share – looking for guidance. Jeannie has opportunities to pray for many people with physical issues, guiding them in the Word about truths in healing and the authority of the believer.

OMEGA Evangelistic Association:
A correspondence Bible School Course where many go through the study program becoming licensed to be ministers of the Gospel of Christ; Chaplains; etc. It is as small as one wants to complete or as complete as the entire Bible. Licensing and Ordination can be obtained through OMEGA. OMEGA has many current participants who are involved.

A Weekly Devotional is written and goes out across the US and into other countries. CRA receives reports, emails and calls frequently, learning of how the writings have influenced and changed the course of a life, which then opens the door for phone ministry! It is AMAZING how God has used this means over the past 20+ years. We have learned that people have even given them out within Car Industries (such as GM/Ford, etc.); and pastors have asked if they can use the material in their sermons and men’s meetings.

Monthly CRA Devotional Calendar:
CRA writes and formulates a calendar, which is mailed out monthly. Many do not spend A LOT of time in the Word, however they will use this tool for their daily devotions – thereby encouraging them ‘In The Word’; answering the questions per the scripture reference. The participant can complete and return the completed Devotional Monthly Calendar, where one person will be selected as a monthly winner and receive a gift.

CRA works with different Churches: 
Teaching; encouraging; Dale has written men’s manuals; Dale & Jeannie have worked with Church Boards to help identify and correct situations – helping them to regain their direction after issues have occurred within their churches. They counsel and encourage Pastors. Pastors have nowhere to go … so many keep their thoughts tucked inside brewing … which ultimately can lead to wrong thinking and or wrong choices.

“High Performance Hot Rods & Horsepower”
… tracts are POWERFULLY used to share the Gospel message. Thousands go out per year to business’s (who put tracts in each production order); to churches across the US having local car shows … by placing them in goody bags, as well as individuals giving them out at motorsport events; restaurants; grocery stores; and more!

CRA Christian Rodders & Racers Association. From Local Car Shows to National Events … CRA has been sharing ‘The Good News’ of Jesus Christ across the country by way of Chapel Services, Booth ministry and personal evangelism for nearly 30 years. CRA Leaders and Team members take ‘The Gospel’ to various motorsport events.

CRA has a local Bible Study in Goodyear, AZ and is also anxiously listening to the Lord’s direction and timing in doing additional outreach services.

CRA – HOLY LAND: … Dale & Jeannie continue to lead HOLY LAND Pilgrimages, teaching from God’s Word throughout the land of ISRAEL!  (click for next trip)

Jeannie’s book “Healing Is For Me!” has had a wonderful impact on people’s lives … understanding more about ‘their own faith walk’. Her books continue to be mailed out weekly to individuals requesting 1, 2 or even more. It’s been such an effective and powerful book and is wonderful to see God changing lives. (click to order) 

CRA provides support to Missions: An orphanage in the Philippines; ISRAEL missions; provides support for Pastor’s and wives doing missions work in Uganda and Mexico. CRA also supports additional outreaches/missions within the US.

CRA Facebook Live ministry … teachings in small segments. With Facebook being such a prevalent tool in people’s hands … CRA believes it is important to share truths from ‘God’s Word’ knowing it can have a powerful influence on a person’s life. Time is of the essence to get ‘The Word” out!










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CRA's Beginning

With each New Year the nostalgia continues on for ‘car buffs’ traveling to various events across the country in their hot rods, custom cars, tricked-out trucks and yesterday’s classics. Their purpose: to go back in time when carhops on roller skates were ‘in’ and drive-ins were the place to hang out. For race car drivers, it’s a brand new day when old, abandoned air strips have now given way to 21st Century newly paved quarter-mile tracks. For most, yesterday’s fuzzy dice and fender skirts have been replaced with hi-tech billet aluminum wheels, high-gloss new-wave candy colored paint schemes, and dozens of add-on aftermarket items for today’s street rods. One fact still remains; California is synonymous with hot rodding. It has served as the hobby’s birthplace since before the ‘40’s. We also realize that California is no longer alone in being known for its beauties on wheels. Across the country in every corner of the U.S., we find street rods and street machines of every color, size and shape. We have passed the generation when hot rodders were thought of as greasy “bully” types who hung out on street corners and tore up local boulevards. Now street rodders and racers are viewed as a mainstream group of people with the desire to relive their younger days. Today’s hot rodders are moms, dads, doctors, lawyers, and yes, even preachers, all looking to have good clean fun.

But how does the most important factor of life fit in for these individuals? In the world of all this hi-tech paraphernalia, where does J-E-S-U-S fit? Where does the church fit into the street rodding and racing scene? For CRA it began like this…

Mr. Gary Meadors, owner and president of an organization called GOODGUYS, was in the beginning stages of conducting rodding events at various fairgrounds and racetracks across the U.S. These events afforded an opportunity for men and women who had invested time, talent, and money into rebuilding their 19?? through 19?? school dream car to join with others to show all how it was ‘back then’.

In 1988 CRA President Dale and Jeannie Daly saw an opportunity of ministry that would connect street rodding and racing events with what could be a life changing experience for individuals seeking direction in life. Dale presented the idea of Sunday morning family church/chapel services to Gary Meadors. Each GOODGUYS event would allow those traveling and/or away from their local church an opportunity to hear a basic, down-to-earth message from the Bible.

Dale and Jeannie would minister to those desiring a place to hear the Good News of the Gospel as well as those that possibly have not been in church for a long period of time (if ever). Each person in attendance would have an opportunity to hear afresh that God really does care and that no matter what the void in their life, it can be filled with the awesome plan that awaits those who turn their focus toward Jesus! Gary & Marilyn Meadors trustingly welcomed ministry from Dale and Jeannie into their events.

Christian Rodders & Racers Assoc. has since added new dimensions to its ministry with chapel services being conducted for numerous organizations. GOODGUYS Rod & Custom Assoc., Nostalgia Drag Racing, Right Coast Assoc., West Coast Hot Rod Assoc., Championship Auto Shows Inc., Mid-American Stock Car Series, Circle Track Racing, Cruise to the Fountain, as well as other independent events, be it large or small. CRA Hot Rod Camps are a huge addition which affords teenager young men an opportunity to ‘learn how Jesus can change their life’ while also having the opportunity of wrenching on and building ‘a ride’ which is valuable in keeping the hobby alive. In addition, CRA of Canada is incorporated with chapel services and local ministry being provided within the provinces. CRA also has an Int’l Prayer Connection led by two of its leaders. Another exciting area is that of the children’s ministry where programs that have been offered are puppets, ventriloquism, to power feats demonstrated by ‘strongmen’ of God.

From the early days of the ‘70’s, Dale has had the privilege of ministering to hundreds of thousands in the motorsports’ world; from asphalt drag racers, off-road racers, boat drags, offshore boaters, motorcycle dragsters and others. Many have experienced their life being changed for good! Dale and Jeannie say, “The world of motorsports is wonderful! However, the main focal point of life is to help others see that “some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God” (Ps. 20:7; NIV).

CRA is blessed! From the small beginning of chapel services to the remarkable growth of over a hundred services per year across the U.S., Hawaii Islands, and Canada. CRA has associations as far away as Japan, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii and Israel. CRA ministry is conducted at race tracks such as Lowe’s Motor Speedway, Indy Raceway Park, Fomosa Raceway, Texas Motor Speedway, Mobile Int’l Speedway, Sunny South Raceway in Grand Bay, AL as well as various other asphalt and dirt short tracks.

CRA is a Christian ministry with one mission . . . to bring glory and honor to the Lord Jesus Christ through motorsports.With this goal, the ministry is commissioned to take the Good News of the Gospel to those who are interested in rods and customs, classics, race cars, sand drags and more. This commission is being achieved through chapel services, committed Int’l CRA Ministry Leaders, Bible Studies, and local fellowship groups, and CRA Hot Rod Camps for young men. Depending on the size of an event, a chapel service may be attended by sixty-five to four hundred plus people!

Many occasions arise when the services of Pastor Dale and other CRA pastors/chaplains have been requested for counseling, marriage ceremonies, and those necessary times of funeral services, and family visitation. No matter what the need may be, every opportunity to fulfill the Great Commission is taken; even while sitting in the trunk of a street rod!

Dale has written many articles for various motorsports’ publications and since 1989 has written a monthly column in the GOODGUYS Goodtimes Gazette called ‘Good News’. Through the years of his writings, many lives have been changed and impacted as the truth of God’s Word has been brought home in a fashion that street rodders, racers and their families can hear and apply to their daily walk of life. In addition, a book, “From Hot Rods to Heaven” has been written by Dale and Jeannie and is now available through CRA.

CRA is not underwritten by any major organization or church. The ministry is entirely supported by free-will, tax deductible gifts given by those who agree that there is a hurting world of motorsports enthusiasts consisting of singles, parents, and children who need to hear the truth of John 3:16. CRA is an interdenominational, non-profit, evangelical Christian organization.

It is our desire and the entire CRA Ministry Team that through CRA the Good News is always presented. There are exciting days ahead and we invite you to experience them with us. Feel free to contact the CRA office at 623.925.1121 or email at CRA@CRAministries.com